Information Regarding All NL Tournaments for MMBHL Players! Contact the League if You Want to Play!

All players in the Metro Minor Ball Hockey League are invited to compete in this years All NL Ball Hockey Championships this season! The dates for the tournament are as follows;

U-19 - July 7-9
U-17 - July 7-9
U-15 - July 7-9
These tournaments will be held in St.John's

U-13 - July 14-16
U-11 - July 14-16
These tournaments are being held in Bay Roberts

We are calling on all players that are interested in participating to advise us via e-mail no later than Friday June 23. Please include your team name, position, and date of birth in your correspondence to us. Send your e-mail through the Executive section of this website using the "Contact Us" e-mail.

We will be putting teams together to compete in the various tournaments and all players are welcomed to play. We may be restricted on the numbers of players we can take depending on availability of coaches and goaltenders!! We would like to have as many teams and players participate as possible. Rosters for the various provincial tournament teams will be posted here on this website by June 28!

[2017-06-14 20:26:18]

Registration Now Open for Fall Winter League! Please Read Important Info Below!!
[2017-09-21 12:01:45]

New Fall/Winter League Announced for MMBHL
[2017-09-10 18:36:49]

Championship Thursday Now Set! BBQ at the Rink for All Players From 6:30 - 8:30
[2017-08-02 09:31:51]

Playoff Structure and Schedule Information Posted Here! UPDATED for U-15!!
[2017-07-20 20:55:08]

Schedule and Rosters for U-11 and U-13 All NL Posted Here.
[2017-07-11 12:25:10]

Rosters for All NL MMBHL Teams Posted Here! Still some room for U-13 & 19 Players
[2017-07-08 08:28:11]

Final Chance to Sign Up to Play in All NL Tournament. Final Deadline is Wednesday June 28
[2017-06-27 00:58:54]

Information Regarding All NL Tournaments for MMBHL Players! Contact the League if You Want to Play!
[2017-06-14 20:26:18]

U-19/17 Teams and First Week Schedule Announced Here
[2017-06-01 18:55:12]

U-13 Teams and First Week Schedule Announced Here
[2017-06-01 14:42:24]

Teams Announced for 2017 U-11 Division. First Weeks Schedule Posted Here too!
[2017-05-31 13:39:44]

U-15 Teams and First Week Schedule Posted Here
[2017-05-29 19:35:12]

Evaluation Times and Groups for U-15 and U-19/17 Posted Here. All Times at Feildian Gardens
[2017-05-28 19:31:19]

NLBHA Announces Try Outs for Provincial Teams. Happening This Weekend!!
[2017-05-23 21:17:10]

League Set to Begin Next Week! We Need Coaches!!
[2017-05-16 17:13:28]

Final In Person Registration Thursday May 11. Waterford Valley High School From 7:00-9:00
[2017-05-11 11:33:50]

MMBHL Staff Positions Announced for 2017 Season.Still Positions Available to Post Secondary Students
[2017-04-30 13:41:13]

Welcome to the 2017 Season! Registration and League Info Posted Here!!
[2017-04-26 12:54:11]