U-13 Teams and First Week Schedule Announced Here

Here are the teams for the Metro Minor Ball Hockey League U-13 Division. Please be advised that these teams are the final teams unless the league decides that changes must be made. Absolutely no requests will be honoured for players to move teams.

This is the schedule for this week. The remainder of the season schedule will be posted on the website before the end of this upcoming week. The times listed below are the times for the U-13 for the entire season. Teams will rotate between these times. Please try to arrive early for your first game so the coaches can hand out jerseys to all players in a timely fashion!

Tuesday May 30 (the times slots for Tuesday will move ahead one hour beginning Mid June - This will be reflected in the schedule when it is posted)
5:30 - Dominators vs. Raiders

Wednesday May 31
7:30 - Rocket Ballers vs. United

The other game slots will be from 4:30 - 6:30 on Mondays!

Dominators - Coach - Joel Bishop
Sam Rogers (G)
Patrick Devereaux
Nathan Ryan
Logan Cuza
Ty Churchill
Cruz Loughlin
Jonathan Dawe-Gosse
Nathan Power
Luca Rotondi
Matteo Rotondi
Logan Connolly
Aaron Piercey
Ben Hogan
Carter Wheaton
Blake Rideout
Matthew Minnett
Cian O'Dea

Raiders - Coach - Paul Fisher
Caiden Dove
Brady Bishop
Colin Singleton
Andrew Penney
Ian Wall
Clay Ryan
Adam Edison
David Fisher
Jack Moores
Connor Ryan
Cole Conway
Jerry Sturge (G)
Jordan Sturge
Aiden Menchions
Christian Cooper
Sam Metcalfe
Rhys Sexton
Nick Branton

Rocket Ballers - Coach - Mark Blundon
Parker Murphy
Justin Walsh
Griffin Case
Kyle Dicks
Marco Delrizzo (G)
Connor Pearce
Zach Crotty
Perry Cahill
Thomas Chafe
Cameron Stanford
Owen Blundon
Jordan Pottle
Carrie Milks
Evan Brenton
Liam Morrissey
Matthew Critch
Lucas Lee
Aiden McCarthy

United - Coach - Ryan Morgan
Aden Howell
Oliver Healey
Ethan Philpott
James Stamp
Colin Guest
Kevin Guest
Ryan Roche
Liam Hodder (G)
Chris Pendergast
Nickolas Gibbons
Matthew Dunn
Nathan Barnes
Caleb Lethbridge
Cameron Pittman
Max Morris
Gavin Ash
Jacob Burton
Joseph Mahon

Good luck to all teams! We hope you enjoy the Metro Minor Ball Hockey League!!

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