Evaluation Times and Groups for U-15 and U-19/17 Posted Here. All Times at Feildian Gardens

Here are the groups and times for next weeks Metro Minor Ball Hockey League evaluations. Please note that THESE ARE NOT THE TEAMS FOR THE SEASON and due to the high amount of player requests to play with each other WE CANNOT HONOUR PLAYER REQUESTS.

If you have registered for this years league and your name is not listed please contact us via e-mail to be added to the list.(click on the "Executive" tab and fill out the contact us form) The team list and season schedule will be posted next week on Monday May 29. These divisions will begin to play on Tuesday May 30.

U-15 Group One - Wednesday May 24 @ 4:30 & Monday May 29 @ 6:30
Zachary Dean
Jack Benson
Caleb Druken
Ryan Horwood
Dale Marshall
Kobe Ryan
Brandon Powell
Evan Stuckless
Michael Butt
Jacob Cole
Jonathan Knee
Landon Young
Colton Critch
Lucas Dwyer
Dawson Durdle
Braden Adams
Alex O'Brien
Keagan Crane
Riley Butler
Adam Powell
Hudson Nicholl
Blake Ryan
Eric Valone
Ryan Collett
Mark Collins
Tyler Lee
Coonor Battcock
Liam Broders
Aaron Cake
Daniel Evans
Michael Hillyard
Zachary Hawco
Caleb Sheppard
Evan Best

U-15 Group Two - Wednesday May 24 @ 5:30 & Monday May 29 @ 4:30
Ethan Murphy
Andrew Caddigan
Brady Mitchelmore
Connor Shortall
Mark Johnson
Caleb Roberts
JS Cook
Sebastian Cook
David Major
Cian Power
Devon Burt
Ethan Moore
Nicholas Moore
Vijay Sajhapal
Ethan Knight
Patrick Hurley
Patrick Burke
Mason Guest
Lucas Sullivan
Zachary Hanlon
Kyle Dunn
Jordan Winter
Diego Kenny
Tyler Cullimore
Patrick Stanley
Myles Bedford
Sam Hong
Nathan Smith
Lucas McCarthy
Ryan Walsh
Travis Fraize
Sam Kelly
Brandon Janes

U-15 Group Three - Wednesday May 24 @ 6:30 & Monday May 29 @ 5:30
Nick Rose
AJ Nash
Lucas Roche
Will Templeton
Cody Stanford
Marc Quigley
Drew Locke
Ethan Somerton
Ben Williams
John Ryan
Michael Snow
Tyler Miln
Nicholas Dunn
Ben Coffin
Zach Skinner
Dylan Bromley
Ryan Greene
Dylan Follett
Jack Morris
Christian Loomis
Luke Breen
Andrew Stuckless
Nathan Kelley
Alex Brothers
Andrew Percy
Thomas O'Brien
Liam Whittle
Josh Phillips
Ryan St.John
Jean-Luc Nossereau
Kieran Burke
Cole Gregory
Luke Chatman
Judah Bartlett
Daniel Dolomont

U-17/19 Group One - Wednesday May 24 @ 8:30 & Monday May 29 @ 7:30
Noah Byrne
Adam Gilbert
Garrett Case
Christian Watts
Joel Elliott
Nathan Dawe
Christian Dawe
Steven Elens
John Deveraux
Bandon Warren
Jason Pearce
Mark White
Brandon Hillyard
Colin Hunter
Matthew Johnson
Sean Hickey
Daniel Sullivan
Ben Cole
Daniel Spurrell
David Kelly
Alex Bastow
Dalton Hickey
Chirstian Kenny
Devon Hong
Shae-Lynn Clarke
Ryan Fahey
Shannon Fahey
Eric Rowe
Alex Whelan

U-19/17 Group Two - Wednesday May 24 @ 7:30 & Monday May 29 @ 8:30
Lucas Hoddinot
Sam Templeton
Colin Brace
Joel Bishop
Reagan Seymour
Matthew Bishop
Neil Power
Michael Flynn
Will Cadigan
Carter Stevens
Ben Hillyard
Jarrett Hedge
Ben Osmond
Kyle Burden
James Predham
Connor Tracey
Nathan Noseworthy
Evan Walsh
John Best
Ryan Murley
Josh Rowe
Parker Grimes
Brendan Callahan
Daniel Vokey
Reilly Vatcher
Chris Mills
Marc Maclean
Cameron Hemeon
Kyle Auchinleck-O'Brien
Cameron Ring

Please be advised that all players MUST wear the proper ball hockey equipment for all MMBHA activities. Helmets with cage, gloves, shin pads and hockey sticks (not plastic) Players will NOT be permitted on the floor without proper equipment!

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Registration Now Open for Fall Winter League! Please Read Important Info Below!!
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New Fall/Winter League Announced for MMBHL
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Championship Thursday Now Set! BBQ at the Rink for All Players From 6:30 - 8:30
[2017-08-02 09:31:51]

Playoff Structure and Schedule Information Posted Here! UPDATED for U-15!!
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Rosters for All NL MMBHL Teams Posted Here! Still some room for U-13 & 19 Players
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Final Chance to Sign Up to Play in All NL Tournament. Final Deadline is Wednesday June 28
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Information Regarding All NL Tournaments for MMBHL Players! Contact the League if You Want to Play!
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U-19/17 Teams and First Week Schedule Announced Here
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U-15 Teams and First Week Schedule Posted Here
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Evaluation Times and Groups for U-15 and U-19/17 Posted Here. All Times at Feildian Gardens
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NLBHA Announces Try Outs for Provincial Teams. Happening This Weekend!!
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League Set to Begin Next Week! We Need Coaches!!
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Final In Person Registration Thursday May 11. Waterford Valley High School From 7:00-9:00
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MMBHL Staff Positions Announced for 2017 Season.Still Positions Available to Post Secondary Students
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Welcome to the 2017 Season! Registration and League Info Posted Here!!
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