NLBHA Announces Try Outs for Provincial Teams. Happening This Weekend!!

The NLBHA (NL Ball Hockey Association) will be hosting their annual Provincial Team tryouts for players in the Under 15,17, & 19 divisions starting on May 26 - 28 at Fieldian Gardens Arena.

These tryouts are for teams traveling to Junior Nationals hosted in Kitchener Ontario from July 27-30. With this summer being a selection year for Team Canada World Junior teams we look forward to seeing a large number of players attend. The 2018 World Junior Championships will be hosted here in the St Johns Area.

We as a province have had much success from our players being selected at the National level where a total of 8 players were selected to play in the 2016 World Juniors which availed in much success where we had 5 players in the U-16 division win Gold and 3 players in our U-20 division take home Sliver after losing in a Shoot Out for the Gold Medal.

To register for these tryouts please go the www.nlbha.com and fill out the online registration form. The cost to try out is $20 per player.

Here are the times for this weekend;

Friday May 26
5:00 - U-19
6:00 - U-15
7:00 - U-17
8:00 - U-19

Saturday May 27
10:00 - U-15 (1.5 hr)
11:30 - U-17 (1.5 hr)
2:30 - U-15
3:30 - U-17

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NLBHA Announces Try Outs for Provincial Teams. Happening This Weekend!!
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