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MMBHL - Under - 11
Roadsters vs Storm
[2017-07-24 :: 05:30pm]
Feildian Gardens
MMBHL - Under - 15
Bouncers vs Net Knights
[2017-07-24 :: 06:30pm]
Feildian Gardens
MMBHL - Under - 15
Tough Guys vs Stick Sharks
[2017-07-24 :: 07:30pm]
Feildian Gardens
MMBHL - Under - 11
Thunder vs Stick Devils
[2017-07-25 :: 05:30pm]
Feildian Gardens
MMBHL - Under - 13
Raiders vs Dominators
[2017-07-25 :: 06:30pm]
Feildian Gardens
MMBHL - Under - 13
United vs Rocket Ballers
[2017-07-25 :: 07:30pm]
Feildian Gardens

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[2017-07-24 :: 07:30pm][Boxscore]
Feildian Gardens :: Under - 15

[2017-07-24 :: 06:30pm][Boxscore]
Feildian Gardens :: Under - 15

[2017-07-24 :: 05:30pm][Boxscore]
Feildian Gardens :: Under - 11

[2017-07-20 :: 08:30pm][Boxscore]
Feildian Gardens :: Under - 19
Playoff Structure and Schedule Information Posted Here! UPDATED for U-15!!
Here is information on the year end playoff structure and time frame for all MMBHL divisions of play!!

The last day for the MMBHL season will be Thursday August 3th. The championship games for all four divisions of play will be played on this date. All players will be invited to come to the rink on this day for a complimentary BBQ for all players. (Players and coaches only please)

The U-15 will have a quarter final game on Monday July 24. The first and second place teams will get a bye from this game while 3rd will play 6th and 4th will play 5th. [Full Story]

[2017-07-20 20:55:08]

Schedule and Rosters for U-11 and U-13 All NL Posted Here.
Here is the schedule for this upcoming weekend NLBHA All NL tournaments for the U-11 and U-13 divisions. The team rosters are posted below as well.

All games are at the Bay Arena unless noted otherwise. Parents are advised that there is an admission fee of $5 per day or a tournament pass of $10 for all weekend.

Friday July 14
12:00 @ Harbour Grace - Travellers vs. Hickeys Timbermart
12:00 - Bouncers vs. Exploits Chiefs
4:00 @ Harbour Grace - Bouncers vs. Placentia
6:00 - Travellers vs. CB Stars

Saturday July 15
12:00 - Travellers vs. Bay Roberts # 2
2:00 - Bouncers vs. [Full Story]

[2017-07-11 12:25:10]

Rosters for All NL MMBHL Teams Posted Here! Still some room for U-13 & 19 Players
Here are the rosters for teams representing the Metro Minor Ball Hockey League in the upcoming All NL tournaments.

The U-15,17 and 19 tournament is July 7-9 here in St.John's while the U-13 and 11 tournament is the weekend of July 14-16 in Bay Roberts.

There is still room for players on the U 13 and 19 rosters. If you would like to play please contact us through the contact section of this website. Please note that these rosters are final and no changes will be made from any requests!

Schedules for the tournament will be posted on the NLBHA website at www.nlbha.com by Monday evening. [Full Story]

[2017-07-08 08:28:11]

Final Chance to Sign Up to Play in All NL Tournament. Final Deadline is Wednesday June 28
All players in the MMBHL are advised that Wednesday is the final opportunity to sign up to play in this year's All NL tournament. All you need to do is send an e-mail through the contact section of this website stating the players name, team and preferred position of play.

We will post the teams for the All NL early next week. We will try to accommodate all players but it will depend on the number of goaltenders and coaches available for the event. Players playing in the Metro Minor League are expected to play with the MMBHL teams. [Full Story]

[2017-06-27 00:58:54]

Information Regarding All NL Tournaments for MMBHL Players! Contact the League if You Want to Play!
All players in the Metro Minor Ball Hockey League are invited to compete in this years All NL Ball Hockey Championships this season! The dates for the tournament are as follows;

U-19 - July 7-9
U-17 - July 7-9
U-15 - July 7-9
These tournaments will be held in St.John's

U-13 - July 14-16
U-11 - July 14-16
These tournaments are being held in Bay Roberts

We are calling on all players that are interested in participating to advise us via e-mail no later than Friday June 23. Please include your team name, position, and date of birth in your correspondence to us. [Full Story]

[2017-06-14 20:26:18]

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Standings - Under - 11

Stick Devils16115022

Standings - Under - 13

Rocket Ballers15131027

Standings - Under - 15

Black Horses1483019
Stick Sharks1486016
Rock Guards1273016
Tough Guys1367012
Net Knights113806

Standings - Under - 19


SCORING - Under - 11

Player GP G A PTS
Kyle Tucker17241337
Aidan Curtis1626935
Conor Dinn16201131
Benjamin Harty16112031
Kyle Coffey16131629
Brendan Ryan1622628
Nolan Avery17141226
Leo Avery1691625
Sam Pearce1621324
Harrison Lynch1714822

SCORING - Under - 13

Player GP G A PTS
Ethan Philpott15302555
Perry Cahill15341953
Thomas Chafe15252853
Logan Cuza15172239
James Stamp15211637
Kevin Guest15161935
Colin Guest15131932
Parker Murphy15112132
Matteo Rotondi15151429
Cruz Loughlin1522628

SCORING - Under - 15

Player GP G A PTS
Nicholas Dunn13211940
Zachary Dean13131730
Nicholas Moore1420727
Jordan Winter15101525
Will Templeton14101424
Ethan Moore1481523
Kyle Dunn1371522
Mark Collins1513821
Landon Young1411819
Brandon Powell1510818

SCORING - Under - 19

Player GP G A PTS
Joel Bishop12111021
Chris Mills1410818
Sean Hickey1411617
Christian Kenny147714
Daniel Penney1441014
Joel Elliott144711
Regan Seymour144711
Brandon Hillyard143710
John Devereaux14729
Michael Flynn14358